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Update KJV Bible

Compatible with
iPhone, iPod touch, (works on iPad). 
Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Update KJV Bible

Requirements: Compatible with
iPad ONLY. *
Requires iOS 3.2 or later

*Formatted for iPad

Updated KJV Bible

Windows Phone


Updated KJV Bible
(Google Play)

Updated KJV Bible


Updated KJV Bible

Windows Surface/PC
Updated KJV Bible
Amazon Kindle

Updated KJV Bible
NOOK HD/HD+ Tablet

Updated KJV Bible

for (Nokia)

Description The King James Version of the Bible has brought light and life since its first inception in 1611. 

If you like the way the King James Version of the Bible reads, you will love the way the Updated King James Bible reads. 

The Updated King James (UKJV) Bible is not a new translation. It is simply the King James Version of the Bible without the antiquated and archaic words. 

Today, new generations of Christians have emerged and the need to update the King James Bible while preserving the rich poetic flow of this most used version, is the basis for the Updated KJV Bible. 



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